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Legal Solution for Web site Designers

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Lance Michalson

If you are a web site designer we appreciate your need…

  • to protect your position and profitability;
  • to avoid the erosion of project profitability due to your client changing the “goal posts” in the middle of the project;
  • to prevent clients from failing to provide you with the appropriate material in the appropriate format and within the proper time scale;
  • to sometimes own the copyright and other intellectual property rights;
  • to limit your liability for viruses and defamation.

We have developed a legal solution specifically for you which includes

  • a web site specification agreement (which covers the scoping exercise carried out by you after preliminary discussions with a potential client);
  • a web site design agreement (which covers the creation of the web site on the basis of the agreed specification and encompasses acceptance testing of the web site by the client);
  • a web site maintenance agreement (to give you a separate recurring revenue stream for maintaining and updating the web site)
  • a web site hosting agreement (if you host the web site for client)
  • 20% discount for a 6 month subscription to Michalsons (a legal service offered by Michalsons and Lematics (Pty) Limited that provides guidance on ICT laws, codes, rules and standards in South Africa)

The key benefits of these agreements are:

  1. they have been developed as reusable templates and include comprehensive guidance notes;
  2. they are are balanced and therefore should enable you to avoid wasting time and money negotiating relatively unimportant issues;
  3. they provide you with a strong back bone of core contractual clauses common to all your web site transactions, together with suitable schedules which gives you the flexibility to adapt to the particular transaction you are dealing with;
  4. they provide you with guidance on design issues so that the design issues raised in the consumer protection provisions of applicable law are complied with.

For further information on pricing please click here.

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