Find resources, guidance, solutions and advice on IT Law, ICT law or Cyber Law. What do these areas of law cover? We focus on the law related to ICT:

  1. Information – (or data) in paper or electronic format
  2. Communication – in person or electronically (electronic communications), in writing or voice, telecommunications, and broadcasting
  3. Information technology (IT) – including software, hardware and electronics
  4. Communications technology – including protocols, software and hardware

By law we mean laws, rules, codes and standards. Laws like the POPI Act, the ECT Act, and the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill.

IT law, ICT law or Cyber law?

There are many terms that describe the area of law we specialise in:

  • ICT law, IT law, technology law, tech law, computer law,
  • electronic law (or elaw),
  • social or new media law, digital media law,
  • Internet law, cyber law, and web law.

We offer a List of IT laws, rules, codes and standards so that you know what they are. We also offer an IT Legal Framework to help you apply those laws in a practical and effective way to your organisation. And we offer a workshop on IT law or Cyber Law, which looks at IT Governance, Risk and Compliance.

In many parts of the world ICT law is referred to as information technology law or IT law. Sometimes it is referred to as technology law. We prefer information, communication and technology law or  ICT law – as it is broad enough to cover everything we focus on.  It is the law related to the Topics dealt with on this web site and includes:

  • IT Contracts
  • information management
  • communications
  • hardware – computers and all other tech gadgets, like cell phones
  • software – traditional software and Software as a Service or SaaS
  • domain names
  • the Internet – and web sites
  • electronic commerce – or eCommerce and online stores
  • media – print, social, new and digital media
  • email
  • privacy and security
  • electronic commerce
  • games and entertainment – online, electronic, and interactive games or eSports
  • Internet gaming
  • digital marketing – also direct marketing

A distinct field of law

There is no single body of law which can be called ICT law. It is a distinct field of law that comprises elements of various branches of the law, originating under various acts or statutes of Parliament and the common law, like:

  • contract law
  • consumer protection law
  • criminal law
  • patent law
  • copyright law
  • trade mark law
  • intellectual property law
  • banking law
  • privacy and data protection law
  • freedom of expression law
  • tax law
  • telecommunications law
  • work or labour law
  • the law of evidence

It includes contentious and non-contentious matters.  And also civil and criminal matters.

It is for these reasons that we sometimes tell people that we are experts in all those areas of law that apply to business or government that is conducted in an electronic environment – electronic law.