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Can you send Physical Mail on an Opt-out Basis?

People often ask us whether they can send physical mail (the kind you get in your post box) for the purposes of direct marketing on an opt-out basis. So, send mail to people until they tell you to stop. It is a difficult answer [...]

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What does the GDPR mean for the POPI Act?

The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) has been adopted by the European Parliament in early 2016. South Africa's data protection law, the Protection of Personal Information Act was enacted in 2013. What does the GDPR mean for the POPI [...]

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Recording Conversations without Consent

Are you recording conversations without someone's consent? Are you wondering whether it is lawful to do so? I bet you did not know that it is lawful to monitor a phone conversation or even someone speaking in a room full [...]

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The Link between Good Governance and Complying with the Law

There is always a link between good governance and compliance with the law. Compliance with the law is part of good governance. However, the laws stand on their own. King confirms that you should comply with the law. However, the [...]

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UN concerned about Privacy and Interception in South Africa

The United Nations Human Right Committee is concerned that the South African Government is unlawfully surveilling, intercepting and monitoring the private communications (like emails, SMSs, and phone calls) of its citizens on a mass scale. The committee is concerned that the National Communications Centre [...]

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Shortlist of Candidates for Information Regulator

Parliament has shortlisted candidates for the Information Regulator. This suggests that the Information Regulator will be established in 2016 and that POPI will commence later this year. Who the members of the Information Regulator are is very important. South Africa (both [...]

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King IV Code and IT Governance

The King IV Code (which has recently been released for comment) once again deals with information and technology governance (or IT Governance) in detail. For the first time, IT Governance was specifically dealt with in King III with a whole chapter [...]

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Information and Communications Technology Law Book

Information and Communications Technology Law is a  book recently published by LexisNexis in 2016 dealing with South African law on the topic. It is written by DP van der Merwe, A Roos, T Pistorius, GTS Eiselen and SS Nel.  It is [...]

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What Must your Organisation Comply with?

Organisations must comply with all applicable laws (including ICT laws). So for example, you must comply with RICA. COBIT however, is not a law and therefore you do not have to comply with it. Organisations should consider adhering to rules, codes [...]

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Why IT Governance, Risk and Compliance is Important

We've all become dependent on information, communications and technology (often called ICT or IT). Our organisations use it to make money, improve the customer experience, manage employees effectively and to create efficiencies. We, in our individual capacities, use IT all [...]

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