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Protection of State Information Bill – POSI

The Protection of State Information Bill is a draft law in South Africa that deals with the classification and protection of state information. Some people call it the Secrecy Bill, POSIB or POSI. We prefer the acronym POSI. It will [...]

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Privacy in a Robot’s World

The Lexing conference in Paris in June 2015 on Robot Law was very interesting. Members from many countries presented on many different aspects of robot law. I presented on privacy in a robot's world. There is no doubt that we [...]

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What is ICT?

The acronym ICT is often used in many different contexts. For example, people refer to the ICT industry, ICT sector, ICT companies, ICT law (laws like the POPI Act, the ECT Act, and the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill), the ICT BEE [...]

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Do I need an App EULA?

Many people are wondering whether they need an App EULA (or Application End User Licence Agreement) for the App (or application) that they have developed (like an iPhone App, Mac App, or iPad App).  It might be an App for Apple, Android, [...]

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Why YOU need to use Plain English

Plain English is the future. But some people still question whether to use plain English for legal documents. We weigh up the risks of using plain English vs the risks of not using plain English and come to the conclusion [...]

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We need SimpleLaw!

I believe we need SimpleLaw in all countries, but especially South Africa. A few laws that people understand and know, and then comply with. ComplexLaw is the current reality We currently have too many laws that are too complex resulting [...]

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Horrible documents

Horrible documents cross my computer screen every day. The same old templates get re-used and circulated over and over, whether they’re agreements, IT contracts or anything else. We believe that legal documents should be beautiful. Why should you care? You might ask: [...]

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Only do what is reasonably practicable to comply with POPI

Do not try to be 100% POPI compliant. Do not aim for absolute compliance. Do not try to protect all the personal information you process. Some organisations are aiming for absolute compliance and warranting that they will comply. They are [...]

Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Regulations

Are you looking for the POPI Regulations? The reason you cannot find them is because they do not yet exist. There are two people who have the power to make regulations. Minster's POPI Regulations The Minister of Justice and Constitutional [...]

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Code of Conduct

Many associations publish a code of conduct to which their members must adhere. The code of conduct is binding on their members. The purpose of the code is usually self-regulation in the public interest. There are often good reasons for [...]

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